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Lisa T.

Glen's massage was just exactly what I needed. So interesting that she knew she need to treat the source of the pain, not where the pain was actually presenting. Thank you, Glen Alex/

Dave T.
Outstanding massage and massage experience. Glen's knowledge of why things are happening is amazing. Definitely an outstanding therapist.
Philip P.
I go to Glen because she specializes in athletic massage, prevention and healing. I had a situation where I could barely walk with doctors not knowing what was ailing me. Glen was able to fix me in two treatments. She has amazing knowledge of the body and treats tennis players injuries too. I highly recommend her!!
Vanessa J.
Great at what she does. I feel relaxed, more centered, and more freedom in my body after a massage by Glen. 

As someone who loves receiving massages I really appreciate when I find someone who is knowledgeable, aware in their work, and very professional.
Sondra H.
Extremely tight before massage. Felt like a butterfly afterwards. Great hands & resolved my issued
Nicole S.
Glen Alex is a true professional on a mission of helping others have a better quality of life through better health. Massage for mind, body and spirit. Sports professionals, active or sedentary people have all benefitted from her expertise. 

I had the pleasure of taking a stretching for better health class R.E.I. in Boca Park that she instructed. Very informative and great energy in the presentation. We all enjoyed the experience and left better than we came in. Thank you, Glen!
Patrick O.
Got my first massage from Glen this week. I've had some consistent pain in my upper back and tightness in my lower back. She was very professional and knowledgeable. She targeted the problem areas and still had plenty of time to give a full body massage. The results have been great and I'm feeling awesome! The price was very reasonable, as well, so looking forward to more therapy. As for the 0 star, review, I feel that is very unfair. Online booking is very convenient and the confirmation email I received was very informative as far as directions. I found the place easily. Thanks, Glen!
Mark W.
Went for a massage with Glen Alex. She is an amazing massage therapist , my back felt so much better after just one session.
Elizabeth N.
Have been a regular client of Glen's for 4 years, she is a fantastic masseuse! It is easy to book an appointment on line. I have recommended her to many friends and family members.
Veronica J. I didn't have anything specific for Glen to "fix" for me; instead, I just needed to have my muscles relaxed overall and de-stress. She was able to do just that, plus she was on-time, polite, and professional.
Ronnie G.
Glen truly does have the best hands in the business.  She is a true professional who listens to her clients and truly tries to address every ache, pain or tension that you can identify or she can find.  I feel like a new person after each session and totally relaxed.  I recommend her highly.  She's as good as it gets and I've had many massages in my day.
Patty O. "I have been suffering with sciatica since 7/14. Glen Alex has really helped me to finally start feeling better. I am so greatful!! She is an excellent massage therapist, and I would recommend her highly!"
Lauren O. Glen was able to find and target the areas in my back and shoulder that have been giving me trouble for years. It was clear that she have excellent knowledge of the body and muscular system. I will definitely be going back to see Glen very soon!
Peggy W. Had not had a massage for awhile; I was wonderfully reintroduced to a lovely, revitalizing and effective hour of theraptic massage by Glen, who addressed my needs expertly and comfortably.
Mindy T. Glen has great hands! Strong when needed and gentle when needed. I will be going back very soon!
John L. The sports massage was relaxing and complete. She worked on my trouble areas and gave me a balanced massage. As an active person I noticed a difference in my flexiblility and muscle energy.
Jared D. In a good atmosphere, Glen worked a fantastic massage, really found my trouble spots, and made me feel a ton better.
Brandon S. Glen performed an superb massage. She constantly asked for feedback on my comfort level, and applied the correct amount of pressure. The appointment began and ended on time.
Julie E. Everything was great. I did have some visible bruising on my lower and upper back. Pressure could have been a little lighter.
Ferra B. Glen did a great job with me. she is a nice warm and kind. thank you
Rick D. I never knew a massage could be so thorough. Best I ever had!
Travis P.

I went in for a 90-minute massage for pain relief. Glen used good pressure, as I asked for deep tissue. I felt comfortable for the entire time. Only thing I can possibly think of to improve is watch the fingernail length, I felt a nail dig in once or twice, but that's really minor. I will definitely return when I can.

Amy Cx

Glen is the first massage therapist that has ever helped with my 2 year old lower back pain , I get massages once a month they help during the massage but 2 hours later pain comes back. Glen knows what she is doing very professional and caring I love her !!

Amy Cy

Great experience! Glen is very talented and professional. The deep tissue massage was very therapeutic.

Matt S.

This was my first time getting a massage from Glen and easily the best one I have received. I have a lot of back problems and she was able to relieve the pain and give me helpful advice for me to use during the week.

Brittany S.
My first massage & definitely better than I ever expected. Thank you Glen !
Katie M.
Glen is easy to communicate with regarding problem areas. Her 30 minute massage is fantastic!
Tanner W.
I came to Glen because I injured my lower back and was having chronic sciatica pain. She really knows her stuff. She helped relieve my pain! I highly recommend her.
Katie M.
Glen is a gifted massage therapist. She went right to the problem areas and gave me instant relief. I appreciate her and wish her all the best.
Bella N.
Love her , would defly refer anyone to her !
She very nice person , always check after she done to make sure that she did her job right !
Claire R.
Just had the most amazing massage!!!! Thank you Glen Alex. The Bryan Brothers are do have "the best hands in the business." I feel 10 years younger:)
Sondra H.
It was the best massage I have experienced in a long time. Can't wait for my next massage
Stevie T.
My back had been so sore and I was tired of walking like an old woman when I got out of bed in the morning - so I went to Glen and within two sessions I was feeling great and back out on the tennis court!
Tiffany H.
I went to Glen with pain in my shoulder blades and neck. She was extremely attentive to where my pain was and used massage techniques to alleviate those sore areas. I left the massage and felt amazing. I definitely recommend Glen and her services. She listens to your needs and then uses techniques that are individually designed to help your problem. One of a kind!!
Jesse G.
Best massage ever! Glen is skilled and thorough; left feeling no pain.
Donna D.
Absolutely fabulous took my pains away and will be going back to see her again and again. Highly recommend a "Glen Alex" message!